Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where to find us

We have an open door policy, and we'd be thrilled to see friendly faces on the way. We've heard delicious rumours that some of you may want to slip on your flip flops and join us for some globe-trotting. We hope so. Just in case, we're providing a rough outline of where we'll be and when we'll be there. This is open to all sorts of change and interpretation, but will give you a sense of where we could meet you. The first beer is definitely on us!

  • Now until August 1: Egypt

  • Uganda: first few weeks in August

  • Tanzania: last few weeks in August

  • Kenya: first week in September

  • August 30-October 31: Traveling from Kenya to South Africa

  • October 31: fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • November 2 to Mid-December: Likely in Brazil and environs.

  • Mid-December through Mid-January: Hopefully renting a flat in Buenos Aires and improving our Spanish while learning to tango. Come join us for New Year's hoopla!

  • Mid-January to Mid-February: Patagonia and Chile

  • Mid-February to March 7: Somewhereish en route to Peru

  • March 8: Aloha Hawaii!

  • March 17: Happy Birthday Dan!


cat said...

I'm too jealous! Elizabeth mentioned y'all were off soon... I hope you have a great trip! Oh, if you make it back to Cairo, I recommend the Camel Market - quite crazy. :)

Good luck with the Kenya to South Africa trek... we did it in 4 months and even that felt super rushed. Will you go see the gorillas? We went in Bwindi - so amazing! In addition to the regular stuff, I highly recommend Lamu (Kenya), Lushoto (hiking in Tanzania), Mayoka Village in Nkata Bay (Lake Malawi), Ilha (de Mozambique), and the dunes in Namibia. South Africa alone has enough stuff to keep you busy for two months... what a fun problem to have too much cool stuff to choose from! Enjoy your trek!


Dan said...

so many countries to choose from! keeping fingers crossed for argentina or hawaii or both.