Sunday, September 9, 2007

Haircuts Around the World: Tanzania

It’s time for another installment, as my caterpillar lip is getting unruly. We last left you with a fine haircut and beard trim in the town of Jinja in Uganda - an 8 out of 10 experience. We were fortunate that a barber shack was located at the end of the road next to our lodge in the town of Lushoto. This was a happing spot with lots of men waiting for a trim, Tupac posters on the wall, American hip hop and rap music playing on the stereo, and the maestro with the razor working his magic. Although I wasn´t quite sure what the deal was with the mouth protector he wore.

The cut went well, although it is hard to mess up a trim when you only use the #1 clipper. The tricky part is the beard. He went at it with no clipper guard but managed to do it well enough and trim the beard back into shape. I don´t think they have much experience with beards, as we rarely saw a Tanzanian man with a beard or mustache. No head massage or great care went into the cut, but the barber shack was excellent with great atmosphere. Because it was so small, they had a mirror angled from the ceiling behind the chair so you could watch all of the action by the reflection of the two mirrors. Overall, I would give it a 5 out of 10. Stay tuned for hair keeps growing.

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