Monday, October 15, 2007

Haircuts Around the World: South Africa

With most of the modern conveniences available to us, South Africa felt like home in many ways. Sadly there were not many interesting barber shops, and only on our second to last day when we visited a township in Cape Town did we find a place that looked right for this edition of -- Haircuts Around The World. But my hair could not wait that long, and we settled for a homegrown cut in our backpacker's hostel in Hogsback.

We shared a place with a great couple from London (Johnny and Juliet) who were traveling around the world but only in their second week at this point. Johnny was sporting a hairstyle similar to mine. He also had a new set of clippers with him. So Kathleen resumed her role of stylist and trimmed my hair on the front porch while it began to rain outside. Ahhh...memories of home. We did not have the proper gear to work on the beard, but once again the top of my head was looking great! For surroundings, comfort, familiarity, and style I would give it a 10 out of 10 (Kathleen reads this too).

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