Saturday, November 3, 2007

Haircuts Around The World: Argentina

It’s time for another installment, as my beard is getting unruly. I had to get cleaned up for the arrival of Kristina. We have not had visitors yet, and I need to look my best. While Kathleen took the razor to my head in South Africa, I never had a proper beard trim, so this is what it looks like after about two months. Unlike some cities we have visited, there is no shortage of hairstylists (and plastic surgeons for that matter) in Buenos Aires. Argentina is said to have one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. We thought for sure that in this fashion-conscious and aesthetics-obsessed city that we would find plenty of quality places for my next haircut. Unfortunately we seemed to have wandered into the only neighborhood in the city without at least two barber shops on every corner, but alas we found this kind gentleman...

He looked more like a beefy rugby player (sorry to see the loss of Argentina to South Africa in the semifinals of the world rugby championships a couple of weeks prior) than a hair stylist. The shop itself was unisex as it clearly had products for the ladies, but was also dirty enough to be run by a guy. What happened to the Tupac posters?

The cut was okay. It is hard to blunder shaving my head, although you can now lose points by not using a straight edge razor to clean up the back and otherwise not taking the greatest amount of care and pampering of my precious scalp. The beard trim was rushed, and he did not trim up my beard neck line well. But I can´t speak Spanish yet, so who am I to complain? At least I look presentable again! Overall, I would give it a 5 out of 10.

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