Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Haircuts Around The World: The End Of The World

What better place for my next haircut than the southernmost city in the world. After walking the streets for a while, I settled on Osvaldo Coiffeur Peluqueria Unisex, a promising contrast to the men only places I had been to so far. (Notice the big ships in the background of the first picture...they are heading to Antarctica). This place had a pink wall on one side and a light green one on the other. There were young women getting their hair done and older gentlemen triming up what they had left on top. This place even had two helpers sweeping up the floor and preparing mate for the barbers (see the picture below).

My cape had a definite Christmas pattern (red, white and green), and the barber looked perfect for the job. His shirt was only buttoned half way up and he was drinking mate throughout - handed to him by the beautiful blonde helper lady. ¨We¨ never had those before. He was efficient with the clippers, forgoing the #1 clipper for a cleaner and shorter cut on top (I am still working on my Spanish). No straight edge razer blades were used (losing points), but he did clean up the beard nicely (Kathleen likes it). I went for a different atmosphere with this one and it lived up to expectations. But the beard never received the special attention it deserved and no head massage (like in Uganda).
Overall, I would give it a 6 out of 10.

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