Monday, February 11, 2008

Things We Ate On The Street: Chile

You know, we really didn`t do Chile justice with regard to street food. Without a doubt, there are many more streetside culinary creations than we were able to sample. But since we were mostly camping in Chile, and then in larger cities, we didn`t get to get our fingers nearly as greasy as we should have. That being said, it`s worth noting a few treats. First of all, submarinos. Now, these may technically be Argentine and are more a cafe than street delicacy, but we ate them in Chile. Basically, when you ask for hot chocolate, you get a glass of warm milk and a chocolate bar shaped like a submarine to dunk in at will. Brilliant!

And, of course, there were empanadas to be had. Cheesy streetside goodness. And by the time we got to San Pedro de Atacama, we were passing more salt flats than we had time to lick. But our two favorite treats were ones that we sadly didn`t capture on film. Choripan and mote con huespillas (spelling vague). The former was barbecued for us by Becca and Gonzalo, our insanely generous and lovely Santiago hosts. We had asked them about the latter, because we saw it being sold everywhere in Santiago out of rolling carts. It wasn`t in our dictionary, and we were a little wary about the dark floating bits. They explained that it was a Santiago specialty of barley soaked in sugary peach juice with peach bits added. And then, like the gracious and thoughtful duo that they are, they prepared them at home. We, too, will soon prepare this at home for any and all who want to come by! Yum!

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